Friday, April 30, 2010

April Showers bring May…Snowmen?

Friday..April 30, 2010

Eli--who is 3-- just made the biggest snowball, EVER. Entirely by himself. Alone. Solitary. I wasn’t even outside with him.
(Never mind the fact that it is almost May, and we got 3 inches of new snow this morning).

...then, he made a second ball. All by himself, mind you.

I was so impressed that I just had to get in on the action.
I stacked the first two, and helped make the head.

Gotta have a picture hugging the product of your creation. duh.

Ati came home from school, and we finished the job...
Meet the mostly edible: Mr Spring Snowman

Ati and Mr Spring Snowman.

More of Ati, and Mr S.

I, of course, have to take some credit, so here I am--with Ati as my newest photographer.

...and then, up came the sun, and dried up all the snow! just like that.

Green in the morning, green in the afternoon,
 snowman in between.

Spring Snow is officially..AWESOME!