Monday, July 11, 2011

Encourage tradition, savour the moments

These are the moments we can not relive; The moments of our lives. Every ounce is precious, and irreversible.

I’m a huge fan of Family Tradition. From growing up, I can recall a few traditions that I cherish and have carried with me into my own little family: Family dinner, Thanksgiving brunch on Saturday, Grandma’s pink salad, making chocolate chip cookies...

I’m always looking for new inspiration that I can integrate into the creation of my own children’s’ past. One thing about tradition, that I feel is important, is that it can not be forced. It has to feel natural, and flow smoothly, and carry with it rivers of warmth. It has to be something that can fuse inside our being, and become part of who we are, and who we love, and who we want to be.

Embracing our nature is a key element of finding infinite happiness. I’ve certainly got a lot to sort out in my own nature, but I feel like I’ve come to a really good place, where I can see clearly, and thoughtfully. And I feel like I can share some amazing things with my children.

Specifically, when referring to encouraging tradition, we’re working on one that I feel is gonna be a good one. Health and fitness are really important to me, and I’m trying to teach my children from a young age, and by example that it is one of the best ways to enjoy this life.

Last year I decided I wanted to start running races. There was one in particular that looked like it would be really fun for the whole family; The Lavender 5k, at the Young Living Family farm. Sadly, John was going to be out of town that weekend, so it wasn’t our complete family, but we did it anyway. It was a really good experience, and created warm memories for my babies. They were super excited when I mentioned it again this year. And John was even able to do it with us this time!

It was a really good thing. Aside from the beasties that come out to play when babies get woken up at 530am, it was a really nice day. It’s still a beginning, and we are far from being considered athletes, but the world is our playing ground, and we WILL make it the best.

This year I only signed up Tad, John, and I. The 3 little’s rode in strollers. I told them that they can earn their own race shirts once they prove they can run (walk) the entire thing. So, next year I will work with Ati a little bit and see if she can build enough stamina to not need a stroller…leaving us with only 1 double stroller…and so on. It was nice to keep pace with John, and not try to over-exert myself, as I tend to do sometimes. Tad, surprisingly, ran ahead! And instead of being left in the dust, he was the one kicking up dust (or mud, technically). I was really proud of him. It’s neat to see your babies learn and grow, and see the potential of them actually exceeding your own expectations and abilities.

Tad: #491, 48:49.9

John: #557, 1:00:39.6

Jen: #558, 1:00:49.2

(587 racers finished)

…we did stop a few times to take pictures, and I stopped just before the finish line to let the little’s walk across it on their own feet…they really enjoyed that.

Good times.

Here's my post about last years Lavender run, just in case you want to compare:
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Giant Weed-Eaters

So, I’ve spent over 25 hours in my yard pulling weeds.

And, I suppose it’s possible that 25 hours in the sun isn’t the best way to treat my brain. I suppose it’s also possible that I was insane to begin with?

At any rate, whether you agree with me or not, I am CONVINCED that I am stinkin’ hilarious!
How could I spend 25 hours with a melted brain, 13 large black garbage bags full of weeds, and a pile of grape vine trimmings….and NOT make Giant Weed-Eating Spiders?
It would just be unnatural, and otherwise a waste of time.

And, now that my brain is no longer full of weeds, I can move on to other things in my life…how about packing? Gonna be moving pretty soon!