About my Blog

I started this as a way to bring some sanity into my otherwise insane life. Somehow, documenting chaos brings organization to my world, as well as an edge of humor.
I can look back and feel like I’ve accomplished something (or nothing) and laugh about it in a new light.
To summarize my life: I have 4 kids. Yep, that’s about it…
I spend countless hours trying to develop ways to make my life more simple.
You might laugh and say “how can you get any more simple than that?”
Well, if you’ve ever had kids you would hopefully be able to sympathize with the fact that kids are NOT simple. Having four, most days I feel like: I might as well have 12...or 32. Chaos!
But, alas, some days are good…and some days there is joy…and some days I wouldn’t trade for the world.
Such is my life.
I think I’ll start calling myself “The BeastMaster"

I welcome anyone who wants to read about the joys and woes of being me. I may or may not be entertaining, I still haven't decided yet, and of course I'm biased and a little neurotic.

Comments are appreciated, and you don't need an account to leave one!