Friday, August 29, 2008

Not in the mood for laundry…but I’ll have another muffin please!

I just barely put Eli down for a nap, and Ati is having quiet time. Malachi is sort of asleep in his swing, but he’s been stirring a bit, I’m sure he’ll be awake soon. I long for the days when ALL my babies will leave me alone, all at the same time.
This week has been exceptionally rough for me, for some reason. I think Malachi’s had a bit of a cold, so he’s been really fussy (since Sunday) and not sleeping well. Sun, Mon, and Tues night he was up til nearly midnight, and then awake every hour or two. During the daytime he wasn’t very happy either. Around Wednesday I found myself being extremely irritable, irrational, emotional, and just plain ornery. I was feeling hopeless and helpless, like I just wanted to scream or run away…I did do a lot of screaming, but I didn’t run away.
In the midst of my “nervous breakdown” I realized that it was all because I was just tired. My brain doesn’t function well when I’m tired and I become extremely irrational; so even though it didn’t change things, it was good for me to realize what was going on. I’m also trying to cope with the fact that I can not get anything accomplished, EVer, and that it’s...uh...ok? My only priorities right now need to be taking care of my kids; and that is really, really hard for me. I have to constantly remind myself to do less (or do nothing), and that it’s ok for the house to be a mess.
I usually try to take some time during “quiet/nap time” and get some things done, but yesterday I was so exhausted that I just took a nap! Yay for me! Even though Ati still came in every 20 min to tell me something, or bring me a “pretend” meal, I did get a little bit of sleep…and, I felt 10 times better, it was great! Today I’m still pretty tired, and just not in the mood to do much; and so we’re having hot dogs for dinner.
I normally do laundry on Monday, and fold it on Tuesday, but here it is already Friday and it’s still in baskets and bags in my room. I really should be folding it, but I don’t think I will, not today at least…I like to call it therapy, for my obsessive compulsive disorder, but maybe it’s just laziness? Nah..

Here's some humor, it's Eli wearing my boots...he really LOVes boots!


Erin and Family said...

Hey Jenn. How are you guys? Got your link from Cami. What are you all up to now. Like the's cute!