Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scrapbooking...hmm...Let's go Digital!

I've thought about-and on occassion attempted-traditional scrapbooking. But, I really just can't be bothered with it. It seems to take so much time, space, and money!

Just been playing around, but here's an attempt at the digital version...who knows, maybe it'll be a new time gobbling obsession...

...yay for time gobbling obsessions!

Edited to Include:
One more, for good measure...or because I just can't stop!


Jessica said...

I have to say, your blog is my favorite. I love actually reading for once. You seem to put life into interesting words, and tell it like it is. I love that, and it makes laugh.

Anyhoot. Great Job on the Scrapbooking! I feel like the Blog is somewhat of a time-gobbler too. So in the future, I hope to spend more time on my journal/scrapbook and less on Pictures in the Blog. And typing definitely takes up less time than uploading pictures.

That post below is soooo 'eye-opening.' It makes me think of when I stopped nursing both kids too. With my first Baby, I was a leaky faucet practically and almost had too much milk it seemed & then switched to expensive formula at 5 1/2 months to hopefully help his fustiness (it did a little). With my second (Jessa) I felt almost dried out by 3months, and she had green runny diapers too often. So I gave up nursing pretty quickly with her. But what I'm getting at is that depression due to not lactating makes a TON of sense, now that I think back. You know I gained 10 lbs after stopping too, so that didn't help because I forgot to STOP eating as much.

I totally agree that exercise is SO helpful though. I think endorphins from exercise are so much better than endorphins from sugary treats. The more I exercise, the more I don't crave sugar. Interesting huh?

Anyway, being your own "Online Doctor" is so much better than paying for one to say: "you're just fine, and here is a pill that we will probably re-call in 10 years as being linked to invoking patients to commit suicide" or something like that.

Oh yah, that hormones thing makes me wonder. I am on the (plastic) Mirena IUD with a low dose of hormones on it, and I LOVE IT. I've had it twice now between both pregnancies. I would have gotten the (copper) IUD, but I'm allergic to copper on my skin, so I didn't want to risk being allergic to it elsewhere.

Anyway, I won't make a habit of writing long essay's for comments too often-haha ;)