Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We ALL need Olive Fingers...

...don't ya think!

Malachi's first experience with olives. I thought I should educate him on proper olive etiquette. He sat in amazement and marveled over his new discovery.


Bugs said...

i love experiencing firsts with my children too.
good to see you back in cyberspace.

Jessica said...

Holy cow, that is A LOT to work on!-the yard is beautiful!...and HUGE! So now you can just let the kids run loose in the back right? haha. Our back yard isn't so baby or Toddler friendly right now.

I love the family pictures. I know my sister in-law jokes about her husband just "cropping her into the picture later." She will take the picture with Her husband and 5 kids, then go stand where he stood & he takes a picture of just her. Then he photoshop's her in the picture behind all of the kids.haha! He does a pretty good job so you can't tell. Anyway, sorry to ramble.

I love the "olive fingers," and Yes we should teach every child how to do this...oddly enough Nathan jr. did that a few weeks ago and he's kinda old for never having done the "olive finger's" thing.