Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It’s ABOUT TiMe!

On Sunday, June 28th:
In the midst of my construction project (rebuilding Ati’s room), Malachi finally decided to try out his legs.
He was so funny! He’s been taking his sweet time learning to walk. He does really well when he’s holding on to furniture, so there isn’t any concern about whether or not he will be able to. He just hasn’t wanted to let go and do it on his own.
Randomly, he decided to climb up on a stool and stand straight up. He's made us wait so long that he just had to do it with a bang; can’t start out the easy way, he had to get up high and make it dangerous.
He was so proud of himself; smiling and squealing. I got a few pictures, in between him falling off the stool, and also being pushed over by the other kids.
It sure is about time, though, he’s now 16 months old, and by far my slowest to get with the program. We're still waiting for the actual walking, but at least this is a good start.