Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Flu prevails…with a VENGEANCE

An update on my adventures in Flu land:

This sucker is a MEAN one! Horrible, horrible, nasty thing.
Ati was literally puking all day long (yesterday). Eli had severe diarrhea in the morning, was seeming to be a little better, but then woke up from his nap covered in vomit. There was so much vomit around his head that it soaked through the pillow (not dripping around the edges, actually THROUGH the pillow) to the sheets underneath. I was running back and forth between the two of them, cleaning up puke and poo, with Malachi (being only 8 months old) needing just as much attention; poor little fella keeps getting left behind.
Malachi’s also been acting a little more needy than usual, which makes me a little concerned he might be coming down with this thing. So far he hasn’t had any other problems. I just hope it stays that way.
After throwing him in the bath and cleaning him up I put Eli back down to finish his nap, sometime between 2p-3p (I didn’t pay attention to the time). He was really upset about it and screamed for about 5 minutes; then he actually fell asleep. I didn’t dare wake him up for dinner, he was still fast asleep; in fact, I just left him the rest of the night, and he ACtually slept through until 5am this morning. I was mostly sure he was ok and just needed the sleep (he’s had a rough ride), but a small part of me was very concerned and worried there might be something wrong. Thankfully he was just fine, and it was indeed a good idea to let him sleep it out. This morning Eli's been similar to yesterday morning: In an ok mood, but still whiney, and still lying around. I gave him some juice and a little bit of cereal. His diaper didn’t have a drop of wetness (after 14 hours!) when he woke up, but I was relieved when he finally did pee, after about an hour…then came the poops again! Yuk yuk yuk.
Ati went to sleep yesterday afternoon (shortly after Eli did), and I finally got to take a short breath. I put her in her bed around 4pm and she slept until around 630p. Then she was up and down for a few hours, still puking and feverish. During her waking hours yesterday, she puked at least every 30 minutes for the ENTIRE day. I’m so worried about them getting dehydrated, but I’ve been trying to watch closely for any signs of it. I called the Dr office to find out at what point I need to take them to a Dr or hospital, and basically all I can do is watch for dehydration or a fever greater than 104 (that won’t come down), and just “wait it out”...i soo hate to just wait it out, especially when it’s already been 4 days for Eli, and Ati just started yesterday. I anticipate it’ll go at least through the weekend, and that’s just best case scenario, assuming no one else gets it.

So, more fun news:
This morning I talked to a friend, and it actually turns out that the whole neighborhood’s got it! Yep, it’s not just my kids; that’s somewhat of a relief, but also kind of annoying…I was kinda hoping Eli got it from his Flu vaccine and that Ati only got it because of her fragile immune system (I just assume she has a fragile immune system), and that no one else would get it. Apparently, one of the ladies I go walking with had it last week, and she got it from her older kids (who know's where they got it), and now her younger kids have it. Tad is friends with her daughter and he’s been over to their house, plus a group of us and all our kids were together last Wednesday. The friend who told me about it has a daughter that goes to preschool with Ati, who was feeling ill this morning. I called the preschool and the teacher is going to bleach everything to hopefully prevent any spreading. What a pain! I honestly don’t remember ever going through anything this bad. My kids have had random sicknesses over the years, and some have been pretty bad, but amazingly nothing as bad as this. I think it also seems much worse because I’ve got two going through it at the same time, and it’s lasting SOoo long. We’ve even passed around the “stomach flu” before (you know, the 24 hour one), but it’s never been this bad or this long.
Well, the funny thing is that it’s actually allowed me some extra time on the computer. It just happens to be in the family room, where I have had the kids grouped together. It’s easier to take care of them all in one room, and plus it’s helpful to have the tv to let them relax to. So, it gives me time to just sit here, as I listen for the next bout of vomit, and smell for any revolting aroma’s (indicating time for a new diaper and a floor scrubbing), or a request from Ati to get her more to drink (at least she still wants to drink).
I'm sad that I will have to miss my walk again today. But, there are much worse things that could happen. I was actually feeling sympathy for all the mothers in history who have had to suffer through such severe illnesses with their children. All those who have lost multiple children, and just had to sit by their side an "wait it out". Those who didn't have the modern medicine and technology that we have to prevent and to treat the ailments. Feeling helpless and overwhelmed as they've done everything within their abilities and it just was enough. I have just a little taste of what it would've been like, and my heart aches for how horrible it must've been for them.


Erin and Family said...

So Sorry!!! I too have had those same thoughts for mothers who had to sit by their little ones sides. Thank goodness for modern medicine indeed! Well, hopefully it will be over sooner rather than later! And hopefully not everyone else will get it! We have all had it at the same time for about 4 days last winter...yuck! So keep it where you are:).