Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Official!

The freakish Flu festival of fun has begun! Those horrid little microscopic pests are among us, infecting my children, wreaking havoc, and causing me large amounts of grief. I HAaaTE the flu! But, who doesn’t?
I knew it was inevitable, and my suspicions were correctly verified around 5am this morning, when I was suddenly startled awake by the sound of vomit. Oh, vomit, what a wonderful sound…I can hear it from miles away, deep in a sleep. Although it was early in the morning I was strangely grateful and a bit surprised that she slept as long as she did. Ati, that is, being the newest victim. So far, thankfully, she seems to be doing ok (emotionally). She’s been rather pleasant and even somewhat helpful, it’s kinda weird. I think the key with Ati is preparation. She was prepared to be sick; because Eli’s been sick, and I sensed it in her by the way she’s been acting. I can tell when she’s “off”, and so I, too, was prepared for this morning. She slept with a bucket, and when she woke up to puke she got it mostly in the bucket.
Ati is a very interesting and complicated creature, and I’m sure I will never have her completely figured out, but it is reassuring to have learned the little bit about her that I have. She has an unusually high amount of energy inside that is overwhelming to her, and she has a difficult time controlling it. When her energy is out of control she can be an incredible BEAST, but when she is channeling it in a good way she can be an amazing and wonderful little being. I call her my Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde. Today (so far… I hesitate to speak too soon), in the midst of the Flu, she is being “good Ati”, and I think it’s partly due to being prepared.
Eli seems to be on the mend, but is still far from being well. He woke up with no fever, but I can tell he’s still feeling bad. He’s been in better spirits, but is still moping; lying around, on the floor, and whining and pooing, lots of pooing (and leaking! Lots of leaking!). His poo is so rancid and smells like vomit…makes ME want to vomit.
Not only are the kids sick, but the house is sick…at least it SMELLS sick…the aroma is just fabulous. It’s gonna be a fun day! (singing) Cleaning up poo is fun to do, la la, la la, la la…All I can do now is hope that my precious little Malachi doesn’t get sick, and of course that John or I don’t get sick…what a disaster that would be!


Bugs said...

Much sympathy thrown your from a safe distance. I'm glad the flu isn't contagious through the computer. It'll be over soon enough!